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We make data recovery orchestration simple with Superna Eyeglass.


Superna eyeglass enables a disaster recovery (DR) solution based on the cluster witness concept that is used in highly available disaster recovery solutions. Deployed across all verticals globally, health care, media and entertainment, retail, manufacturing, finance, automotive, Education, banking, Telecom, High Tech and Government.

The global standard for Isilon data protection solutions, data migration, cluster migration, API integrations with VMware SRM, CMDB integration with ServiceNow, Syslog monitoring with Splunk.


Superna eyeglass Easy Auditor enables Scale out NAS Active auditing. A compliance platform designed from the bottom up to handle file Auditing and active response to security events. Traditional auditing platforms use relational databases for reporting, while Easy auditor uses big data anlytics and Scale out NAS for storage.

Todays environements require more than just reporting, and Superna Eyeglass Easy Auditor enables active responses to secuirty events from real-time user lockout, to snapshots, and DR copies for data recovery.

SUPERNA EYEGLASS Storage Cluster Monitor

Lowering the cost of Scale Out NAS management with automated quota management, Data Re-Org enabling Data+ Isilon Aware configuration migration, Storage management dashboards (utilization and cluster health). Eyeglass platform enables automation capabilities to eliminate day to day management tasks quota management, data recovery. Role based solution allows Isilon administrators to delegate quota management approval, reporting, charge back and end user file recovery to help desk or business units with fully email enabled workflow.

Storage Cluster Monitor for Eyeglass reduces Storage administration costs and simplifies data management tasks.

SUPERNA EYEGLASS Ransomware Defender
Zero Day Ransomware, DLP and active audit solution for Isilon

The last line of defense to business critical file data on Isilon. Real-time monitoring of user file access behaviors to detect Ransomware events and lockout users on a per share basis across all managed clusters. The solution will extend into DLP, excessive permissions, mass delete and many other file actions that require real-time prevention to protect critical data. A fully integrated solution with DR and end user file recovery from snapshots and DR copies, allows detection of file security events and real-time response to block access and protect copies of file data under attack.

Legacy auditing solutions do not prevent Zero day or real-time events. An Active defense solution is required to ensure damage to data is minmized and reduce or eliminate data recovery.

About Superna

Superna delivers disaster recovery orchestration, root cause analytics and configuration management solutions for file storage systems. Customers use the Superna Eyeglass portfolio of solutions to shrink unplanned downtime, protect business critical data, enable continuous operations and simplify administration of Scale Out NAS.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Superna is recognized by the Canadian Business Profit 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada for the last four years. The company's worldwide customer base includes enterprises in healthcare, finance, insurance, government, retail, energy, media, manufacturing, telecommunications and education.


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